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How To Use Your Wrappers Image How To Use Your Wrappers

Now that you have your wrappers, all that is left to do is to dress up your little darlings. Firstly, remove your wrappers from the packet and assemble. Each wrapper has a tab and a slit which holds them nicely in place. The wrappers are designed for a normal cupcake (5cm across the base, just as the base size in each pan hole). I use the American Muffin baking papers which are also 5cm across the base, but about 1cm taller than the Sylko brand. This really does not make a whole lot of difference though to the finished product. If your cupcake is smaller or larger just adjust without using the tab, and tape them neatly inside. It really is pretty simple. First decorate your cupcakes taking note not to ice the top over the frilly baking paper edges. I like to cover the top of the cupcake with icing, and this can be easily acheived using a palette knife (just like buttering bread). If you smear the icing neatly, it will just fill in the little fluted crevices of the baking paper. Then ice your swirl onto this base layer, keeping it slightly away from the flutes. If you are using a very buttery mixture, rather leave the top un-iced to the fluted edges, and just do your swirl slightly in of the flutes. This way, a little of your cake will show,and that can also be very attractive. If your cupcake baking paper has turned out to be slightly greasy once out of the oven, just slip an extra clean baking paper over the "baked" one. Once you have decorated, added the trimmings and you are all done, wash and dry your hands. You can either hold the finished cupcake slightly above the wrapper and just gently "drop" it into the wrapper (they seem to always land perfectly) or you can use the following incredibly simple and effective method as shown in the picture. Acquire a thin tall glass that will fit into your wrapper. Place the assembled wrapper on the kitchen counter surface, place the glass open end down inside the prepared wrapper. Place your finished cupcake on the top closed end of the glass. Now slide the wrapper up the glass and over the cupcake baking paper. All done. With a little care you will end up with absolutely gorgeous and perfect results. All that is left to do is display and eat!

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