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About Terry
About Terry

A Cum Laude graduate from the “University Of Life-and-all-things-nice” with an Honours degree in Faerie-dusting* pretty much sums her up.

After Matriculating from Greenside High, Terry studied graphic design at the then Johannesburg College of Art and Design where the proverbial “photographic bug” sunk its teeth firmly into her being. After her studies, she pursued a career in the highly male-dominated arena of photo-journalism at the Citizen Newspaper and subsequently the Beeld. Being a female news photographer in the 1980’s taught her the art of “seeing a photograph” in seconds, as any hesitation could mean the difference between getting the shot, or just plain getting shot. It also reinforced her dogged determination to be the best at what she does and finely honed her attention to detail.

After leaving the newspaper, Terry’s life took her on some far and wide journeys… farming in Natal, yacht chartering in Mauritius, manufacturing children’s toys and pioneering “magnetic fridge art” before becoming involved with the famous artistic company, Feathers of Knysna. Terry started at Feathers as quality controller, but soon decided that this was far too mundane and she became involved in the marketing and managing aspects of the business where she uprooted the stale ideas from the past and created the professional image of the company as Marketing Director.

However challenging and exciting this was, the seven-year-itch set in, which led to the creation of her new venture…the Fotoh! Trilogy of companies (and a garden with 51 rose bushes) where she can again fully explore her creative and artistic flair, with the help of the boys of course! (Digby the monochrome cat, Queen Lillybeth the matriarchal cat and Nikita the black orphan cat). And teenage Sarah who lives in her own world with a cellphone and a blue guitar, with the eternal hope that she is never severed from a cellular tower signal. And then there is me, Karel the sculptor who is writing this piece for Terry. Visit my bronze website at you will find me on the links page. Terry’s quirky sense of humour ads the finishing touches to her creations, and often in the most unexpected ways.

So for attention to detail, artistic flair and an eye for all things nice, look no further than Fotoh!food, Fotoh!sew or Fotoh!mug. Knowing Terry, these names will soon become household friends!

* Faerie-dusting: The art of seeing, photographing, finishing and organizing items or photographs in a fashion most visually stimulating to the viewer ...